Important Links for any G:BoC fan

Fantastic Site to Play the Game
Coliseum of Fate Likely the most popular way to play Genesis online

Producers of the Game
Haunted Castle Gaming Official website for the company
Genesis: Battle of Champions Official website for the game

Sellers of Single Cards
Rochester Collectible Card Games Opened in 2012, Rochester CCG is one of Genesis: Champions of Battle first US based partners and has been supporting the growth and success of the game.
Dragonworld Offers single cards and online tournaments every Wednesday and Friday.

YouTube Content Creators
Ben Trading Cards I'm Ben, the TCG Guy! Let's talk about collectible cardboards.
The Scheming Skeleton Lots of content on several TCGs, has interviews, deck techs, and more on Genesis
Heads or Tails Gaming Genesis fanatics, Streams interviews, games play, and more every Thursday
Decks and Draughts Content on Genesis, Flesh and Blood, and the card game industry from a marketer's point of view