Why did I built this G:BoC fansite?

This website was created from the enjoyment of playing the game. I am not associated with Haunted Castle other than as a customer of their products. I've been playing since June 2021. I started hosting Newbie Night every week on Tabletop Simulator. I did this for several months. Others are now (2022) running it on Saturdays using Coliseum of Fate.

Coliseum of Fate is FANTASTIC! You have to try it! The person who created it loves Genesis and really did a great thing by building it. It's for everyone who loves the game, so that we all can meet, play, and talk. The Coliseum is being used for friendly pick up games to tournaments. It's HUGE.

Besides playing the game, my plan is to keep working on this site, swacstrategy, by adding strategy articles as I get to know the game more...

If you want to improve your game, click on "Strategy." I've written a few articles on how I try to win. Note that there quite a few people who play the game better than I do. Genesis: Battle of Champions is more about what is happening in the area than the cards you have in your hand. Yes, this is a TCG and, as in all TCGs, deck building is very important, but the cards you have in your hand have less of an impact on the outcome of the game than how you move and your sequencing of attacks.

If you're new to G:BoC, I recommend starting with How to Play on the left. After reading that, go to Links and watch some videos from some great YouTube content creators. Also, be sure to check out the website of the producers of the game - Haunted Castle.