Moving Second

Advice on how to plan your turn sequence

Why would you want to go second? Because of swift speed abilities, the stack, and exerts. Once exerted, a champion or summon cannot cast anything that costs exert again that turn. Nice if you're attacking second.

Also, you may want to take a double move. Imagine your enemy champion is getting low on health and decides to run away. You have a Skeleton and Primordial Force (PF) who both want to attack and finish off the enemy. Saving your champion and PF for last gives you an advantage.

OK, here is one example of how it could play out. You have initiative so you go first. Your skeleton is key here. It moves first so that you and the PF don't have to. You want to see where your enemy champion goes. Skeleton goes first. The enemy champion goes next. You then move/re-position to Rampage Toss the PF. Don't worry it has the health. Your PF has just moved several squares in the arena. It then ends the turn by moving two more. Next turn, you have initiative and your PF takes the first turn moving again. The PF is big and bulky and just covered the length of the arena with the enemy having very, very little reaction time.