Idiris v Ra'Ha Starter Set Strategy

Advice on how to win with Ra'Ha

Genesis: Battle of Champions is a wonderful game with a lot of depth. The depth comes from the variety of sources, one of which is the potential combinations of 24 champions (24 if you’re including the new 12 with Origins.). It also comes from the ability to put as many specific cards in your 50 card deck as you want. There is no artificial limit on how many of a single card you can use. Depth also comes from the arena, and this is where the game really shines. There is a lot to deck building of course, but the game’s depth is easily shown in discussing strategy about maneuvering in the arena. And there is no better way to show this depth than a discussion on the Idiris vs Ra’Ha Starter Set that came out with the Welcome to Jaelara printing.

Buying a Starter Set is a great introduction to the game. When you first open the Starter Set and play against someone, you may be surprised to find that Idiris wins most of the time. That’s because Idiris and her deck are easier to understand - it has a lower floor in required skill to play successfully. Ra’Ha and her deck takes more appreciation for using the space in the arena to your advantage and this is where the depth of the game shines. Let’s take a look at both champions and decks and then discuss potential strategies for Ra’Ha.

Idiris Stats
Health: 25, Aura: 125, Energy: 0
Awareness: forward (1 square only)
First Ability: Damage 1, Range 1, Cost Exert
Second Ability: Damage 2, Range Unlimited, Cost 5 Aura and Exert
Affiliations: Thymos, Chaos

Idiris' Deck
Lightless Tibicena - Summon, 8 chi, 6 health, 29 aura, 6 damage, range, attack resist 1
Demon’s Range - Spell, 7 chi, action, 2 health + 7 energy, 6 aware, damage 4, area, dark
Forked Lightning x3 - Spell, 7 chi, swift, 17 aura, 3 damage, everything, electric
Pye’uwnadd x4 - Summon, 6 chi, 6 health, 15 aura, 4 damage, dark, decay
Shadow Claw x4 - Technique, 6 chi, swift, 4 energy, 1 aware, 3 damage, dark
Urticating Tarantula x3 - Summon, 6 chi, 4 health, 12 aura, 3 damage, range
Sunrise Fox x4 - Summon, 5 chi, 4 health, 12 aura, 3 damage, fire, +2 cure
Gelada Baboon x7 - Summon, 5 chi, 3 health, 9 aura, 3 damage, blitz
Rampage Toss x6 - Technique, 5 chi, 4 energy, 1 aware, 2 damage, toss
Bai Hu x6 - Summon, 4 chi, 2 health, 6 aura, 2 damage, earth
Flame Jet x6 - Spell, 4 chi, 7 aura, 2 aware, 2 damage
Oten x3 - Technique, 3 chi, 6 energy, 2 aware, move to side
Inferno Ghoul x2 - Summon, 3 chi, 1 health, 6 aura, 2 damage, fire

Deck Summary = 27 summons, 9 spells, and 14 techniques;
Cards that cost aura = 36
Cards that cost energy = 14
Swifts = 22
Actions = 28

Ra’Ha Stats
Health: 22, Aura: 95, Energy: 1
Awareness: foward-left, forward, forward-right, far-forward (4 total squares)
First Ability: Damage 2, Range 2, Cost Exert
Second Ability: Damage Area 1, Range 2, Cost Exert + 3 Energy; affects all squares in her awareness
Affiliations: Bellum, Axon

Ra’Ha's Deck
Angel of R - Summon, 8 chi, 6 health, 25 aura, 1 aware, 6 damage, flight, aerial
Bolt Shot - Technique, 7 chi, swift, 4 energy, 2 aware, 4 damage, area,
Thunderstruck x3 - Spell, 7 chi, swift, 24 aura, 6 aware, 5 damage, electric
Sandstorm x4 - Spell, 6 chi, action, 14 aura + exert, 6 aware, 4 damage, 2 spots
Mystical Spear x3 - Spell, 6 chi, swift, 16 aura or 7 energy, 3 aware, 3 damage, holy
Hurricane Sweep x4 - Technique, 6 chi, swift, 10 aura + 4 energy, 3 damage, area, air
Walls of Vadhis x4 - Alteration, 5 chi, action, 8 aura, 8 health
Chain Lightning x3 - Spell, 5 chi, action, 17 aura, 1 aware, 6 damage, 3 targets, electric
Jaelarian Hound x4 - Summon, 5 chi, 3 health, 9 aura, 3 damage
Cattail Tiger x3 - Summon, 5 chi, 4 health, 8 aura, 3 damage
Power Punch x3 - Technique, 5 chi, action, 2 energy, 1 aware, 3 damage
Quick Shot x5 - Technique, 4 chi, swift, 4 energy, 2 aware, 1 damage, range
Androthera x4 - Summon, 4 chi, 1 health, 7 aura, 2 damage, range
Wind Slash x3 - Technique, 4 chi, swift, 5 aura + 2 energy, 2 aware, 2 damage, range, air
Kabus x2 - Summon, 3 chi, 2 health, discard, 2 damage, dark
Left Hook x3 - Technique, 2 chi, swift, 3 energy, 1 aware, 1 damage

Deck Summary = 14 summons, 13 spells, 19 techniques, 4 alterations
Cards that cost aura = 23
Cards that cost energy = 15
Cards that cost both = 7
Cards that cost health = 0
Cards that cost discard = 1
Swifts = 22
Actions = 28

Now for the Analysis

Comparing the Two Champions

Idiris has higher stats in health, aura, and range of her fireball attack when compared to Ra’Ha, but she falls short in energy reduction, total potential damage, and awareness. Ra’Ha starts with less health and Idiris will hit Ra’Ha on turn 1 with a fireball. By the end of turn one, Idiris will still be at 25 and Ra’Ha will be at 20. Idiris could be higher if she gets a Sunrise Fox on turn 1 as well. What can we gather from this? Idiris’ high aura means that she could stay away from Ra’Ha and ping her for 2 points every turn until 22 health are gone. Eleven turns of this and Ra’ha loses the match. This means Ra’Ha should get in close and keep hitting for 2, while Idiris is either hitting for 1 or using up aura for other things, but let’s keep looking and dig a little deeper into this matchup.

Ra’Ha has a few areas where she ranks above Idiris. First, the awareness is better for Ra’Ha. Use this to your advantage when you get in close, such as standing diagonally to Idiris. When standing at an angle, Ra’Ha can still hit Idiris even when there is an intervening summon. In other words, Ra’Ha can strike out, but is not so easily hit back. Ra’Ha also has 13 spells and 19 techniques to Idiris’ 9 and 14. This means, again, Ra’Ha should get in close and keep the pressure up on Idiris. Keep hitting her. Great cards here are Thunderstruck, Mystical Spear, and Wind Slash. Focus on bringing down her health.

Ra’Ha also has an advantage in techniques. Ra’Ha has 19 to Idiris 14. It’s likely on any given turn that Ra’Ha will have card advantage in this category. If so, Ra’Ha wants to close and unleash all techniques at once. Why all at once? Because Idiris will likely try to back away and start fireballing again. Therefore, when Ra’Ha gets to this position, she has to think about which action speed card that starts the stack and then which swift speed cards to use in building the stack. When Ra'Ha is given the option of spending aura or energy, spend the energy. Ra'Ha has energy reduction making energy costs cheaper, but also Ra'Ha has less starting aura than Idiris. Since Idiris has the ability to bring Ra'Ha's health to zero from fireballs, Ra'Ha has a maxmimum of eleven turns to win the game. This means Ra'Ha does not have to worry about running out of cards. In other words, spend the energy and conserve aura for cards like Thunderstruck.

Maneuvering in the Arena

This analysis leaves the question...How do you get in close? It will be difficult with Idiris’ 27 summons. It can feel unsurmountable at times depending on how the card draws go. However, Ra’Ha has several options. First, Walls of Vadhis is great if Ra'Ha has the first turn in the round. Going first in a round, means you can set up blocks to Idiris' movement. One cool thing to remember is that you don’t have to kill a summon to stop it. You can slow it down. If you are at the mid-game, look at the arrangement on the board. Imagine your moves and your opponent’s counter moves. Take into consideration new summons beckoned in next turn. Then decide on likely paths and place Walls where you need it to allow you to get to Idiris and block enemy summons from you. If you’re at the end game, use Walls to block Idiris' movement. In the end game, Idiris is likely to fireball you from a distance until she runs out of aura and you run out of health. You should not let her run away. Block her movement. Push her against the walls of the arena, Walls of Vadhis, or into a corner.

Here are a few more notes on moving in the arena. If Ra'Ha goes second, Walls of Vadhis won't be as effective since Idiris has likely already moved out of the way. In that case, Ra'Ha's summons become more valuable for controlling Idiris maneuverability. One more thing about summons - if Ra’Ha happens to have more summons, make sure the biggest summon is going after Idiris. Ra’Ha needs help reducing Idiris’ health when she can get it. Also, watch out for those Otens. Otens can quickly ruin a stack of great attacks by moving the champion out of the way.

You will likely have to wade through several summons to get to Idiris. Idiris has some great summons, but it is possible that killing those summons will cost Ra'Ha less aura than what Idiris paid to summon them. Great cards here are Bolt Shot, Chain Lightning, Hurricane Sweep, and Sandstorm. Bolt Shot is fantastic, but there is only one in the deck. Chain Lightning has potential to wipe out a couple of summons. I don't recommend using Chain Lightning on Idiris though. If Idiris uses Oten to step out of the way, then Chain Lightning does no damage to anything. That's right. It fizzles. Use Chain Lightning only on summons. Sandstorm is also good, but it costs exert, which means Ra'Ha won't get to use her inherent range attack. The last card may be the best - Hurricane Sweep. If you can maneuver just right, Hurricane Sweep does just like it's name implies. It sweeps the floor of the arena of summons. Terrific card. You may have to hold Hurricane Sweep until the time is right.

Another method of controlling movement is through your own summons. Killing enemy summons is great, but that doesn’t win you the game. It’s true that your range attacks are great against summons in that you can hit them one space away. This is especially true if Idiris is able to beckon her Lightless Tibicena, but, let’s be honest, it is really hard to kill a Lightless. Instead, sacrifice a summon and hold it off another turn. Lightless has an attack of 6. If it has to use its one attack to kill an Androthera, then that’s great use of a 1 health, 7 aura summon. In fact, you can trade all 4 Androthera’s before getting close to the aura cost of the Lightless. If Idiris has to use a high cost summon to kill tiny summons, you’re controlling the board and have maneuver advantage.


In closing, my advice for Ra’Ha players is to get in close. Because of the diversity in cards in the two decks, two games will seldom be the same. Sometimes you will get your Angel of Retribution out, most of the time not. Same for Lightless. You will be able to play this set of two decks many times over. But, whatever the draw, if you’re playing Ra’Ha keep up the pressure. Focus on limiting Idiris’ maneuverability, block as much as possible to get to her, make best use of your better awareness, and knock her out.

Good Luck, Champion!