Champion Archetypes

Explanation of the Different Kinds of Champions

What are the archetypes of champions in this game? They are casters, summoners, and fighters. There are halfway/combo champions too, but these are the three archetypes.

Supposedly, casters should beat summoners, summoners should beat fighters, and fighters should beat casters. In theory, anyway. It depends on the meta game - what cards are out, which type is supported better than others, which factions the champion has, and skill level of the player. But roughly speaking there is an element of rock-paper-scissors.

Who is whom among our champions? Idiris, Erika, Nubia, and Kendra tend to be great spell casters - mostly because of their high aura. Tsunami and Landslide are great area of effect spells. Low health means you don't want to get up close. Zero energy reduction also means you don't want to get in a close hand-to-hand fight. Casters tend to have a 1 point damage as their primary ability, which means casters tend to rely on their secondary ability.

Odara and Long are typical summoners. Summoners want their summons to do the fighting. Summoners, of course, need high aura to beckon, but not absolutely high. Summoners need expanded awareness because they want to play abilities that enhance their summons, such as Breath of Jaelara and Instill Vigor. Great summoners have second abilities that are oriented towards the summons.

Fighters love getting in close. They have high health in order to wade through summons or area effect spells in order to close in on their target. They also have high energy reduction in order to play more expensive techniques. Feng and Malik are great fighters. They tend to have an awareness only to their front, which means they can't rely on it.

The three archetypes above leave out several champions though. Rayne can be called a 'Combo' champion. A little outside the norm. Korr, Ra-Ha, and Kunn are halfway between fighter and summoner. This sounds optimal - can fight in close and use summons to help get in close. And, each has a unique spin - use movement to your advantage such as attacking a flank, or pump up the health of your summons then charge in, or do range attacks until an opening take place?

Now, how do you use this to your advantage? Know your enemy mostly. Once you see your opposing champion step into the arena, you can start to guess the strategy used by the champion. Will the enemy fighter charge you right away? Will the enemy beckon summons for a turn or two? Will the enemy fighter/summoner lead the charge in front of their summons? Or, will the enemy summoner lead from behind? Or, will the enemy caster keep away from you and run away from you charging?